Our Communities

GUS Canada builds dynamic campus environments that inspire student learning and invigorate communities

Education begins with placemaking. Thoughtfully designed campuses can build community, sparking and strengthening human connection. GUS Canada’s bustling campuses provide students from across the country and around the globe with a reassuring sense of place. We invest in urban renewal by building dynamic environments that inspire education, encourage social interaction, and stoke curiosity.

On the page:

  • Signature Sites, Substantial Investment
  • Vancouver
  • Niagara Falls
  • Toronto

Take a closer look at GUS Canada’s campus infrastructure and you’ll recognize a common theme throughout: our spaces are inviting, active, comfortable, and inspired. We recognize our responsibility to provide an environment where students can feel well-supported. We are located in communities that provide our students with a stronger sense of place, possibility, and connection to their school and their surroundings.

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