Cybersecurity Incident FAQs

You have been redirected to this FAQ page as your institution is part of the GUS network of higher-education institutions in Canada. GUS is the lead organization in the cyber security incident investigation and response program. Please click on questions below for additional information. If you require any additional assistance not found in the answers below please contact or 604-239-7930.

I heard there was a data breach. What happened? 

GUS experienced a cybersecurity incident on June 1, 2023 that it is continuing to investigate. 

What kind of information was accessed and who was impacted?

We have determined that unfortunately some personal information belonging to students and employees may have been exposed. This information includes name, contact information, date of birth, SIN, banking and health information. 

Why am I only learning about the cyberattack now?

We aimed to notify anyone affected by the incident as soon as possible. We immediately launched our investigation into the data breach on June 1, 2023. We cannot provide any further details about the investigation at this time.

What should I do if my sensitive personal identifiable information is compromised? Will I be responsible for fraudulent use of my information?

Whether your information was leaked or not, we encourage you to sign up for the 1 year of credit monitoring and identity theft protection services through Equifax at no cost. We also encourage you to be vigilant to the possibility of fraud and identity theft in reviewing your credit report, bank record, or other financial statements for any unauthorized activity. Please email  or contact 604-239-7930 and we will be in touch regarding the protections we can offer.

How do I sign up for free Equifax Credit Monitoring?

In the letter you received you will have the Equifax contact number along with a unique code for your registration purposes. For further information from Equifax please contact: 1-877-958-7898.

How do I know if I have been personally impacted by this cyber incident? 

You would have a received a letter indicating some of your personal information may have been compromised and the contact information for Equifax and any other additional questions you may have.

What should I be watching out for on my bank account?

Equifax will have directives on ways in which you can monitor your personal information. Equifax can be contacted at: 1-877-958-7898.

How do we know if this will happen again? Is GUS now secure?

It’s very hard to say at this point in time. It is not possible for any organization to give a 100% guarantee that it will never experience a cybersecurity incident. With that said, we always strive to improve and strengthen our information technology systems and will continue to prioritize investment in our cybersecurity.  

Was GUS specifically targeted? 

We do not have any reason to believe that we were specifically targeted. Cybersecurity risks are unfortunately commonplace in today’s environment and countless organizations are targeted each day globally.

Who can I reach out to if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact head office at 604-239-7930 or

How many names were exposed and what was the nature of their identity?

We have determined there were two primary groups affected – students and employees. GUS has begun the process of contacting these individuals. Upon learning of the incident, GUS took immediate steps to address the issue, including retaining external cybersecurity specialists to assist in containing the issue. 

Are the police involved in the investigation and should I expect a call?

Yes. The appropriate authorities have been contacted, and an investigation is underway. We do not anticipate your participation in the investigation will be required.

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