GUS Canada launches Technology Transformation & Innovation Advisory Council

Earlier this month, GUS Canada CEO, Cyndi McLeod, hosted the inaugural meeting of the GUS Canada Technology Transformation & Innovation Advisory Council. The council is composed of 12 C-level executives from a wide variety of Canadian technology firms including, A Thinking Ape, Commit, CarbonCure, Unbounce, and Scotiabank. The Council will meet twice a year to focus on the role of education in alleviating the labour and skills shortage, identifying key roles and skills required over the next 5 years to support the digital economy, the role of reskilling and career pathways for existing employees, and how to advance innovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship in Canada.

The first meeting was full of discussion. Council members were invited to share their thoughts on topics including their key priorities for 2022, how technology and business will evolve in the next 3 years, challenges and opportunities within the tech sector, and how higher education institutions can help equip graduates with the right set of technical and soft skills to be ready for the workplace.

GUS Canada is looking forward to gaining valuable information from each council meeting. The meeting outcomes will assist in driving program objectives, developing curriculum and identifying work placement for students during the academic year and upon graduation. The council will provide insight in order to stay ahead of labour market trends that may affect the employment of graduates. They will also identify areas for program and service development to meet new or emerging needs within the community.

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