How public-private partnerships can increase business relevance

Public-private partnerships (P3s) are growing in popularity across Canada.

While there are many different kinds of partnerships, the Head Foundation defines a public-private partnership as “a contractual relationship between the public and private sectors for a specific project, with clear roles for all partners and defined outcomes.”

Traditionally, P3s were used to create physical infrastructures, operate and maintain schools, hospitals, transport systems and water and sewage systems. However, today, they have evolved into the education sector.

In the education industry, P3s have proven their value by supporting international and domestic student recruitment, job placement assistance, curriculum development, in-course mentoring and much more. Most commonly, P3s in education are investments of time, expertise, and financial support by the private sector. Through P3s, schools and institutions in the private sector can support the public sector in delivering results for students.

GUS Canada’s P3s: Toronto School of Management and Niagara College

As a private organization, the Toronto School of Management is proud to support the public education sector through a public-private partnership.

Earlier this year, GUS Canada and Niagara College announced a partnership that provides a broad range of opportunities for students from both institutions.

Through this partnership, four Niagara College business and hospitality programs are currently delivered at GUS Canada’s Toronto School of Management (TSoM) in downtown Toronto.

The Toronto School of Management was selected as the exclusive partner to deliver these credentials in Toronto.

This collaboration will allow international students to enrol in Niagara College’s programs while also accessing the employment, recreational and entertainment opportunities offered in Toronto. This partnership will also allow Niagara College students to study abroad, take co-op placements, and participate in exchanges and international field studies within the GUS Global network, including pathways from Niagara College diploma programs to GUS institution degree programs.

The establishment of this public-private partnership will help create new global opportunities for students and support student growth.

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