How to support the Moose Hide Campaign in the workplace

GUS Canada is taking part in the Moose Hide Campaign Day this year to stand up to end violence against women and children. Whether your organization is large or small, you too can introduce the Moose Hide Campaign at your workplace.

The workplace is a great environment to build awareness and start a conversation – both with internal staff and external partners. Bringing the campaign to your workplace is also a great way to train staff on diversity and inclusion.

About Moose Hide Campaign

The Moose Hide Campaign is an Indigenous-led grassroots movement of all Canadians in standing up to end violence against women and children. Campaign day is held annually on May 12.

The inspiration for the campaign came to fruition when co-founders Paul Lacerte and his daughter Raven went hunting together in 2011. They happened to be close to the Highway of Tears where so many women, particularly Indigenous women, have gone missing or have been murdered.

While hunting they brought down a moose to feed the family for the winter, but the feeling of grief being near the Highway of Tears filled them with emotions and they decided to act. They would use the hide from the moose they hunted to create the very first moose hide pins to inspire men to become involved in the movement to end violence toward women and children.

Together with other members of the community, they cut up the moose hide into small squares and started the Moose Hide Campaign.

“We had a moment of inspiration to take that moose hide, tan it, cut it up into little squares and give it to men – as an outward sign of our commitment to end violence against women and children in this country,” said Paul Lacerte.

Just in 2020 – 2021, more than 64,000 moose hide pins were distributed free of charge to a diverse variety of public and private sector organizations. Since 2011, more than three million pins have been distributed all over Canada. Thousands of communities and organizations across Canada have joined the Moose Hide Campaign.

What started with a commitment to end violence against women and children amongst men and boys, has now become a National Day of Ceremony, inviting all Canadians and organizations to join the fight to end violence against women and children and to spark conversations on reconciliation, gender-based violence and educating each other.

How to Get Involved

Wear and Share the Moose Hide Pin

Your organization can order pins and share them among colleagues, students and supporters. You can order as many pins as you need, they are completely free. Send them in your mail-outs, display them around your offices and encourage staff members to wear them around clients to raise awareness.

Moose Hide Campaign Day

On May 12, you can join Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians from across Canada to support reconciliation and help end violence against all women and children. The day will be filled with connecting, learning and sharing, with inspiring speakers and workshops.

Some of the days’ activities include a live stream daybreak ceremony when the sun touches Turtle Island in the east and a fast-breaking ceremony when the sun leaves Turtle Island in the west. There will be a Walk to End Violence Against Women and Children live stream running from 12 – 1 pm PDT/ 3 – 4 pm EDT that can also be attended in person in Victoria, BC.

Already over 300,000 people are registered for the virtual event. For more information about the day and how you can get involved, please visit Moose Hide Campaign Day.

Other Ways to Get Involved

There are many other ways to get involved other than attending the events or wearing a moose hide pin. You can set up a kiosk or booth and bring immediate awareness to your organization by conversing in one-on-one talks about the campaign’s mission.

Taking the online pledge shows everyone your commitment as an organization to take a stand to end violence toward women and children. Share your pledge on social media with #MooseHidePledge – and don’t forget to tag GUS Canada.

You can donate and support the Moose Hide Campaign’s pin production and education initiatives at Moose Hide Campaign | Donate Now.

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