Global University Systems partners with FutureLearn

Global University Systems has recently partnered with FutureLearn, a digital education platform that allows students access to on-demand, career-focused online learning from world-class higher education institutions from around the globe. FutureLearn offers credible, flexible social learning opportunities for individual students and organizations alike. This is a new opportunity for GUS Canada students and partners to further leverage the reach of Global University Systems and FutureLearn’s vast network of education providers to obtain career-relevant education and upgrades.

FutureLearn supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of quality education by insuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. The acquisition of FutureLearn is also perfectly aligned with GUS Canada’s mission to forge a new path for higher education, a path that inspires and prepares graduates to have a global impact and bring positive change.

We welcome FutureLearn to GUS and congratulate Aaron Etingen, GUS Global founder and CEO on the partnership and Jo Johnson, former UK Universities Minister, on his appointment to Chairman of the Board. We look forward to expanding FutureLearn’s reach into Canada, Africa, Asia, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

FutureLearn Fast facts:

  • Every course is broken into steps to make for easy scheduling.
  • All learning happens online. It can happen anytime, anywhere.
  • Students receive unlimited access to thousands of short courses with an affordable monthly subscription fee.
  • Course access can also be purchased individually.
  • Courses are built around a social learning pedagogy resulting in a collaborative learning model where students don’t just learn from experts, they learn from each other.
  • Course topics include Business & Management, Creative Arts & Media, Healthcare & Medicine, History, IT & Computer Science, Language, Law, Literature, Nature & Environment, Politics & Society, Psychology & Mental Health, Science, Engineering & Maths, Study Skills, and Teaching.
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