GUS Canada and UNF Featured at Maclean’s Ideas Summit

On Monday, December 4, Cyndi McLeod, CEO of GUS Canada, took the stage as a keynote speaker at the Maclean’s Ideas Summit, highlighting the innovative spirit and leadership of both GUS Canada and the University of Niagara Falls Canada (UNF). This event is celebrated for bringing together influential thought leaders and innovators, making it an ideal setting for discussing transformative ideas in higher education.

Adding to GUS Canada’s impressive presence, Amy ter Haar, Senior Legal Counsel at GUS Canada, participated in a panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence (AI), contributing her expertise to this vital area of academic and industry intersection.

During the summit, Cyndi McLeod emphasized the significant roles played by GUS Canada and UNF in shaping the future of education. UNF, as a vital part of the GUS Canada network, garnered acclaim for its dedication to delivering industry-relevant and impactful educational programmes.

The participation of GUS Canada and UNF at the Maclean’s Ideas Summit showcased their commitment to educational innovation and addressing the pressing global challenges of our time. Their active involvement in this high-profile summit solidifies their positions as pioneering institutions in Canada’s higher education sector, dedicated to driving positive change and enhancing community engagement.

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