GUS Canada Features in ‘Canada in Focus: ProActive Agent Series’

Canada in Focus: ProActive Agent Series

On March 6, Global University System’s International Business Development Team and Victoria Martin, Chief Commercial & Compliance Officer at GUS Canada, shared their insights during the ‘Canada in Focus: ProActive Agent Series’ event.

The event showcased GUS Canada’s collaborative efforts to provide a high-quality education to students around the world. With over 280 registrants, the event was deemed a success.

Through five weekly, agent-focused workshops, the ProActive Agent Series offered essential guidance on creating compelling student offers, planning recruitment efforts and exploring the benefit of higher education in Canada.

This series highlights GUS Canada’s commitment to supporting educational agents with the tools and knowledge they need to promote Canadian higher education effectively. The workshops provided a platform for sharing best practices, fostering collaboration and enhancing the overall student recruitment process.

The success of the ‘Canada in Focus: ProActive Agent Series’ reflects GUS Canada’s dedication to innovation and excellence in international education, reinforcing its position as a leader in global education.

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