GUS Canada Welcomes Tianjin Hengshen Delegation

GUS Canada welcomes Tianjin Hengshen delegation

University Canada West, Canadian College of Technology and Business, and the GUS Canada Leadership Team warmly welcomed delegations from Tianjin Hengshen Education Group from China on Wednesday, October 18.

Tianjin Hengshen Education Group is a prominent educational institution in Tianjin, China, known for its commitment to providing high-quality and innovative educational programmes across various disciplines.

The purpose of the visit was to explore potential partnership opportunities and strengthen educational ties between the two organizations. During their visits to the CCTB campus and UCW Vancouver House campus, the teams showcased the institutions’ state-of-the-art facilities and innovative learning environments. The visit encompassed campus tours and collaborative discussions, providing the delegates with firsthand insights into the Canadian education system.

Cyndi McLeod, CEO of GUS Canada, said: “We are thrilled to have hosted the delegation from Tianjin Hengshen Education Group. This visit signifies our dedication to international partnerships and cross-cultural understanding. We believe that collaboration between our institutions from different parts of the world enriches the educational experience for students and opens doors to new opportunities.”

President Song, from the Tianjin Hengshen Education Group, said: “We are deeply impressed by the academic excellence and the vibrant learning atmosphere at CCTB and UCW. This visit has laid the foundation for a promising partnership, and we are enthusiastic about the future collaborations that will benefit students from both institutions.”

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