How studying abroad can impact student success

While moving to another country to pursue a post-secondary education can sound daunting, in an increasingly globalized world, studying abroad has a host of benefits.

Enhancing your global network

Students who study abroad have the opportunity to build invaluable relationships with people from around the globe, broadening international connections that could lead to future career opportunities and lifelong friendships.

Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to expand their network from local regions and abroad, thus meeting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures from the comfort of the classroom.

Prepare for the workforce

Living and studying internationally looks good on a resumé. It demonstrates a high level of adaptability and experience dealing with people from different cultures, both attractive traits to potential employers.

Studying abroad can also encourage practicing skills that are required to succeed in the workplace, such as:

  • Leadership: Strong leadership and team management skills are important in almost any environment. Knowing how to lead and inspire others can establish stronger relationships.
  • Communication skills: Strong written, public speaking and negotiation skills are important to communicating effectively, particularly in an unfamiliar environment like a new country.
  • Cross-cultural awareness: Studying abroad encourages awareness to be conscious of others’ perspectives.

Experience a new culture

Students who choose to study in a foreign country also have the chance to become immersed in another country’s culture – giving them an opportunity to brush up on or learn a new language and work with fellow students from a variety of different backgrounds.

Students looking to continue their education abroad have almost endless options when it comes to choosing a study destination.

Canada has long been one of the top destinations in the world for international students and has been gaining in popularity in recent years. In 2020, the nation hosted more than 530,000 international students.

And recent surveys have shown that Canada has continued to be a top destination for international students and its reputation has received a boost due to the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canada is highly regarded throughout the world both for its high quality of living as well as the quality of education. Canada is currently ranked #1 in the world for quality of life and also ranks as one of the best countries in the world for racial equality.

Global University Systems (GUS) Canada has institutions in all three of Canada’s major cities – University Canada West and Canadian College of Technology and Business in Vancouver, Toronto School of Management in Toronto, Trebas Institute, which has campuses in Montreal and Toronto, and The Language Gallery, which has locations in Vancouver and Toronto.

And GUS Canada institutions offer many supports and services for both international and domestic students, including:

At Toronto School of Management, a dedicated Career Services Team makes it easier for all students to make the transition from the classroom to the corporate world. Students can explore multiple career assistance programs like one-on-one resumé assistance, career development workshops, job fairs, networking events and trade shows.

University Canada West’s International Student Advisors (ISAs) are available to assist international students before they arrive in Canada and throughout their time at UCW. ISAs can help students in several areas, including arrival and transitioning to life in Canada, resources both on and off-campus, understanding UCW policies and procedures, referrals to academic support programs and answering general questions about study permits, Post-Graduation Work Permits, Social Insurance Numbers and work eligibility.

For more information about GUS Canada’s institutions, visit

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