Montréal is ranked the safest city in the world to visit in 2022

Montréal has ranked as the safest city in the world to visit in 2022 in a recent survey conducted by Berkshire Hathaway’s travel insurance subsidiary, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP).

BHTP began its search for the safest cities to travel to by reviewing accessible lists of the most popular international and domestic cities for travelers from well-known travel sources including, Expedia and American Express. Survey respondents were then asked to rank a list of 23 cities, including Montréal.

This year, survey respondents were asked whether they had visited any of the cities. Only the travelers who had been to the cities could rank them. The cities were then scored on a variety of safety measures, based on the first-hand knowledge of respondents.

The most recent safe-cities index from The Economist, city ratings from GeoSure Global, and the Current Crime Index from Numbeo were also included to finalize the results.

Montréal ranked number one with an overall score of 78.7. Montréal received the top rating almost across the board from survey respondents. It was also highly rated by GeoSure.

The list of cities rounding out the top 10 include:

  1. Montréal
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Tokyo
  4. Singapore
  5. Sydney
  6. London
  7. Barcelona
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Berlin
  10. Rome
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