Trebas Institute and GUS Canada host inaugural Trebas Institute Advisory Committee meeting

A group of 18 recognizable film, television and audio recording professionals joined the Trebas Institute Advisory Committee supporting the institute and GUS Canada’s mission to provide high-quality and accessible educational programs at campuses in Toronto and Montreal. The committee will support Trebas Institute’s commitment to excellence, innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as inclusiveness and diversity in the film, music, event management and venue management industries.

Advisory Committee members will contribute to student success in a variety of ways including:
• Providing advice on the skills, knowledge, technology and materials needed to meet industry needs.
• Suggesting updates to program curricula to ensure content is relevant to industry expectations.
• Supporting co-op placements and employment opportunities for students and graduates.

Mohamed Slimani, Trebas Institute’s Vice President of Operations, says:
“Trebas Institute aspires to offer the most up-to-date, industry-focused education and become the next leader in the areas of music, film, business and technology. We are thrilled to welcome such an esteemed group of industry professionals to the Trebas Institute Advisory Committee. Trebas Institute’s combination of accredited programs, expert instructors and state-of-the-art facilities will benefit greatly from the contributions of our newly appointed advisory committee. We are excited to see what the future holds for Trebas and our graduates.”

Cyndi McLeod, GUS Canada CEO, says:
“Since joining the GUS Canada ecosystem in 2020, Trebas Institute plays an integral role in GUS Canada’s mission to lead the future of education in Canada. With over 3,000 graduates from over 40 countries, currently, 75% of our students find secure employment within six months of graduation. I believe the new Trebas Advisory Committee will help us to develop a best-in-class education model that will accelerate graduate success within a fast-paced and digitally focused economy. The newly appointed advisory committee is an incredible asset for Trebas Institute. Being able to recruit such well-known individuals to join the committee is a testament to the professionalism and exceptional networks that have already been established by our Trebas Institute leadership team.”


Since 1979, Trebas Institute’s mission has been to train talented individuals, enabling them to acquire the skills needed to become assets within the Film, Audio, Business and Technology, and Entertainment industries. Trebas Institute provides

programs that allow students to be at the forefront of the entertainment industry with the help of state-of-the-art facilities with two campuses located in Montreal and Toronto. Trebas Institute provides exceptional academic programs with celebrated instructors who are experts in their fields and regularly updated curriculum and syllabi provide students with an edge when entering the job market.

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