Solving the Student Housing Crisis: GUS Canada’s CEO, Cyndi McLeod, Shares a Vision

Housing affordability is a growing concern in Canada, especially for post-secondary students looking for places to live. Cyndi McLeod, CEO of GUS Canada, recently shared her thoughts on this topic in an op-ed for the Daily Hive.

Many political leaders are trying to find ways to solve this issue. One suggestion from federal Housing Minister Sean Fraser is to consider limiting the number of international student visas. However, Cyndi points out that such a move could have negative effects. For example, international students add a lot to Canada’s economy – nearly $22 billion a year. They also support many jobs in the country.

Many international students not only study in Canada but also choose to live and work here after graduation. We at GUS Canada believe there are other ways to address the housing issue. Cyndi shares that we’re ready to work with governments at all levels to come up with better solutions. Our goal is to ensure students have both a good place to learn and a safe place to live.

Cyndi emphasizes that when we support student housing, it benefits many areas, from job creation to community growth. It’s not just about giving students a place to stay; it’s about building a strong future for Canada.

GUS Canada, along with our network of universities and colleges, looks forward to partnering with government entities and stakeholders. By coming together, we can tackle this challenge head-on, ensuring that Canada remains a top destination for students globally and continues to grow economically.

Read the full op-ed by Cyndi McLeod here.  

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