The Recipe for Success: Education and Experience

A student’s post-secondary experience paves the way for what they will do and who they will become after they graduate. A strong education builds the skills, knowledge and judgment they will need to thrive as future industry professionals in their chosen field.

One of the best ways for students to actively learn and develop their skills is by bringing real-world examples into the classroom, which encourages them to foster an understanding of what is to come after they graduate.

At GUS Canada, we make it a priority to set each and every student up for success through real-world case studies, hands-on learning opportunities, work experience placements, career-focused courses and connections with experts in the field. Our learning institutions create an environment where students are inspired to challenge themselves, practice the skills they’ve learned and build competencies relevant for their careers. Each learning institution prioritizes our student’s need first, and delivers an inclusive and engaging learning environment that prepares them to become leaders.

Hands-on Learning through Practicums and Co-ops at CCTB

The Canadian College of Technology and Business (CCTB), a proud member of GUS Canada’s network of institutions, specializes in career development, certification and technical training in business and information systems.

Gaining work experience, especially before graduation, is a significant advantage for students as this sets them apart from their peers who are competing for the same job as them.

CCTB offers a variety of diploma programs in business administration, digital marketing, cybersecurity, UI/UX development and software development. All of the programs offered at CCTB include a practicum or co-op placement, so students are able to practice the newly acquired skills they have learned in the classroom and transfer them to the real world. Through practicum and co-op opportunities, students will already have gained relevant and competitive experiences by the time they start their job search after graduation.

UCW’s Partnership with Riipen

Late last year, University Canada West (UCW), a member of GUS Canada, partnered with Riipen, a leading-edge experiential learning platform that allows students to connect with real companies and work on real projects.

Since this collaboration, several UCW students have had the opportunity to learn, first-hand, about the ins and outs of how business works and the challenges that may come with it.

Through Riipen, projects with real businesses and organizations are embedded directly into the course curriculum or completed as remote internships.

GUS Canada is student-centric and will continue to deliver high-quality education for our students across the country.

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