Top Five Fastest Growing Jobs in Canada

The global job market is in a state of constant flux, characterized by significant shifts driven by technological advancements, demographic changes and evolving societal needs. A recent report by CNBC highlighted the fastest-growing jobs over the next five years, many of which offer lucrative earning potentials exceeding $100,000 annually.

As Canada continues to foster a robust economy and an inclusive workforce, it’s essential to understand how these emerging fields resonate within the Canadian context.

Here are the top five fastest-growing professions:

Renewable Energy Technicians

The renewable energy sector is experiencing a dramatic surge globally, and Canada is no exception. With its abundant natural resources and a federal commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the country is well-positioned to harness renewable energy technologies.

Renewable Energy Technicians, who are integral to the maintenance and operation of renewable energy installations, find a promising landscape in Canada. The nation’s move towards a greener economy not only promises attractive job prospects but also resonates with the global urgency to combat climate change.

Data Analysts and Scientists

We live in an age of information and the ability to decipher complex data sets to inform decision-making is invaluable. Data Analysts and Scientists stand at the forefront of this frontier, turning raw data into actionable insights.

Canada, with its growing tech hubs in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, offers a fertile ground for data professionals. The Canadian government’s supportive policies towards innovation and data privacy also provide a conducive environment for the growth of this profession.

AI and Machine Learning Specialists

As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning continue to flood various sectors, the demand for specialists in these fields is skyrocketing. Canada has been a proponent of AI research, with cities like Montreal and Toronto being recognized as global AI hubs. The collaborative ecosystem between academia, government and industry in Canada fosters innovation and attracts talent, making it a desirable destination for AI and Machine Learning Specialists.

Healthcare Professionals

The importance of healthcare has never been more apparent than in recent times. Healthcare Professionals, who provide essential medical services often in underserved areas, are among the professionals seeing a significant demand increase. Canada’s universal healthcare system, coupled with an aging population, necessitates a robust workforce of Healthcare Professionals to ensure accessible and quality healthcare services across the country.

Cybersecurity Experts

The digital era brings with it the perils of cyber threats, making Cybersecurity Experts indispensable. With businesses and institutions embracing digital transformations, the need to safeguard sensitive information is paramount. Canada’s strong emphasis on cybersecurity, manifested through various national initiatives and educational programs, underpins a growing demand for professionals in this sphere.

Canada’s Strategic Alignment

Federal investments in clean technology surpassed $3 billion in 2020, showcasing Canada’s commitment to a greener economy. Moreover, robust data privacy legislation like the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) underscores Canada’s strategic alignment with the evolving employment landscape.

Global Resonance

Canada’s investment in AI research, with a commitment of over $125 million through the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, showcases strategic alignment with rapidly evolving global employment trends. This proactive approach, encompassing policy, education and industry collaboration, bolsters Canada’s economic vitality and contributes to global advancements in high-demand sectors.

The Demand for Skilled Professionals in Canada

The emerging fastest-growing jobs as highlighted by the CNBC report, bear a significant correlation to the evolving employment landscape in Canada. In the healthcare sector, for instance, the substantial number of job vacancies amounting to 144,500 in March 2023, accentuates the critical demand for skilled healthcare professionals.

The growing tech sector, with hubs in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, echoes the growing need for Data Analysts, Scientists, AI, Machine Learning Specialists and Cybersecurity Experts, aligning with the national emphasis on digital transformation and cybersecurity.

The government’s nearly $1 billion annual investment in apprenticeship support mirrors a proactive approach towards bridging the skill gap, especially in the renewable energy and skilled trades sectors. Moreover, the targeted draws by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for in-demand occupations reflect a strategic mechanism to attract global talent in these high-growth sectors, thereby addressing labour market gaps and propelling economic growth.

Interested in one of these fastest-growing jobs?

These GUS Canada institutions offer industry-related programs to propel you into these growing fields:

For aspiring data analysts and healthcare professionals, University of Niagara Falls Canada (UNF) provides a solid stepping stone with its Master of Data Analytics and an Honours Bachelor of Science – Biomedical Sciences programs, aligning academic prowess with industry demand.

Focused on bridging the cybersecurity and data analytics gap, Canadian College of Technology and Business (CCTB) offers Cybersecurity Analyst with Practicum and Cybersecurity Risk Management with Co-op programs, alongside a Diploma in Data Engineering and Analytics with Co-op program, ensuring a hands-on, industry-relevant learning experience.

Toronto School of Management (TSoM)’s Cybersecurity Specialists with Co-op and Diploma in Data Analytics with Co-op programs are tailored to equip students with the requisite skills and practical experience to navigate the growing cybersecurity and data analytics sectors.

With a suite of programs like Cybersecurity Specialist Co-op, Data Analytics with Co-op, Computer Security Analyst and Analytics, Big Data and Business Intelligence, Trebas Institute in Ontario and Quebec provides a comprehensive platform for aspiring professionals to delve into the realms of cybersecurity and data analytics.

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